Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Open House in Cricklade

I have gone for an old tradition that we had when we lived in Cricklade, a small close knit town in Wiltshire.
We always had open house on Christmas Eve which ended with midnight service at the Anglican, Church St Sampsons. We would all walk up to the church greeting everyone else as we went along, what a wonderful memory to record.
I still go to a midnight service somewhere as I really enjoy this one. Last year it was Christchurch in Swindon, it may be again this year if Neil decides to drive there, if not, I think I may find out if St.John's has one as that church is quite near to me. This year I will be able to go to Christmas morning service at my own church, something I haven't been able to do for some years as I haven't been at home.
15th Open House in Cricklade


Jane said...

love the colour of this, so peaceful.

Karen said...

A gorgeous page Mary and what lovely memories to record :)

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