Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas Greetings

Christmas cards, love them, hate them. I love being able to put them up as part of my decorations, hate all the bluetac that gets left behind when I remove the cards. Love receiving them, hate sending them. Feel guilty if I don't make them, never find the time or energy to do so.
Oh dear think I am a hopeless case. Mind you it hasn't always been like that, I used to love to make them, and make the list of people to receive them. Loved doing this together with John somehow it seemed so much better when he was here.
Still not made any yet this year though I do have a couple of layouts from earlier in the year that would make perfect Christmas cards, but I can't do them while I am away as my daughter hasn't got a decent printer, (good excuse eh! lol).

Today we went shopping in Leeds, lots of lovely shops and lots to see and photograph. I enjoy window shopping as much as buying things so was delighted to see and photo this window display because I felt it was perfect when talking and deliberating about Christmas cards.

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