Saturday, 12 December 2009

Carol Singing

For several years now a small group of us, from my church, have gathered on a Monday evening in mid December to go around the streets locally and sing carols. We don't collect money just try to bring the Christmas message. In the past we have had a good response, with people drawing back their curtains or coming to their front doors. Last year no one seemed interested so this year we decided to gather outside the church this morning. It was great to see people waving as they passed, winding down their car windows to hear us better. People in the bus shelter joining in as they waited for the bus and even the bus drivers waved as he collected his passenger.
We also had a much bigger turnout ourselves with twenty of us giving good voice to the old familiar carols.


Jane said...

How lovely to get such a good response.

Karen said...

I love singing & listening to Christmas carols Mary - I am glad you had a good response to your Christmas carols :)

Lovely page :)

Anonymous said...

How fun that must have been. Your layout looks so "promising and happy".

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