Sunday, 6 December 2009

Laughter and Tears

So many Christmases, so many memories, so much I could say, so little I have said.
Remembering Christmases from my childhood, I have no photos to use but the memory is clear in parts and very fuzzy in others.
Remembering Christmases of my children's childhood, I have only one photos but the memories are so vivid that words convey better than photos
Remembering Christmases of recent past so many photos but I would rather use the words just to paint a small window into these times, just enough to trigger the memory. Perhaps one day I will write in more depth.


Jimjams said...

These are lovely journalling snippets Mary: some brought a smile to my face, others revived old memories and some made me well up.
Love JJ

Liberty :) said...

That is a great layout!

Summer Sunflower said...

A lovely LO Mary, it is so nice to relive the memories of Christmas past!! So Special!!

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