Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Advent Preparation layout

What does Advent mean to me. A time to prepare for the celebration, a time set aside by God to prepare His people for the greatest event in history so far. God coming into the world as a baby to grow and experience all that we experience in our lifetime. So that he is fully able to understand where we are, our fraility our humanity. So that through him we can be reconciled to God. For though he knew our fraility and humanity he was without sin.
God called on his people the Jews to celebrate with thanksgiving several times a year, they were to prepare a feast and give him thanks. So I believe it is right to celebrate Christmas in the way that we do. as long as we remember who's birthday we are celebrating.
Here is my first day of December's layout two pages as I am doing it 7.75 x 6 so this way I can get enough details on

Advent Preparation
Advent Preparation 2

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