Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christmas Traditions

When I was a child we used to have one of my fathers big socks which we hung on the end of our beds. I could never understand why, when it was full of presents in the morning, that it was laid on the bed. Why did Father Christmas take it down before he put the presents in?
Anyway the presents were the important part. Always there were sweets, nuts and fruit in the toe and the rest of the presents added afterwards, none of these were wrapped.
I slept with a night light so was allowed to take my stocking into my brother's room to open it with him. What fun that was and so exciting.
Our main presents from family and friends were left under the tree until after dinner, after the washing up was done and the grandparents had rested. We didn't really mind that at all as we still had lots to play with from Father Christmas.
As my brother was nearly 3 years younger than me I was allowed to keep the Father Christmas tradition longer than usual. Though these days even the adults have a stocking full of goodies.
This tradition I carried on for my children and they are carrying it on for theirs. Isn't it great when a tradition goes back several generation. I wish I knew for sure that my mum and her sisters did the same when they were little, but I suspect they did

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Jane said...

I love the journalling in the stocking, what a great idea!

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