Monday, 21 December 2009

Oh What a Glorious Mess

What state is your home this near to Christmas? are you all straight with decorations all in place and cooking preparation all done? or are you up to your armpits in wrapping paper, still not got all the presents? or panicking because of all the cooking that still has to be done.

Me why I am all ready of course ..................not

My living room, although decorated is covered with presents and wrapping paper all over the floor, there are decorations and empty Christmas card envelopes jostling for space. but I love the chaos, I have never been a tidy person so it is almost impossible for me at this time of the year to be anywhere near tidy.

21st Oh What a Glorious Mess DLO

the poem reads:-
Wrapping presents on the floor;
Postman knocking at the door..
Decorations in every space,
Every room a special place.
Snowflakes glistening in the sun;
 Fire bright to warm each one.
Delicious smells from cooking pot,
Minced pies, puddings and the lot.
Sweets and fruit and nuts and nibbles,
Favourite drinks, what’s your tipple?
Chaos reigns, but do I care?
No, Christmas day is almost here.

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Jane said...

love the poem and it all looks tidy to me!!

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